Hosting Terms and Conditions
MC Services provides hosting services as described by customer statement of work or services ordered, and MC Services’ obligations to client are limited to those items described. MC Services is not responsible for any unauthorized access and/or data breach, service or network disruption that is not caused solely by MC Services’ own obligations to basic security, in the interest of all its clients.

Our basic security policy includes, and is limited to, a physical firewall shared by our customers, patch remediation for our services, monitoring of those services, and a physically secured data center with live monitoring.

While a customer may request additional help when a security event occurs that is outside of these basic security policies, it is not guaranteed and a fee will be assessed.

Client may request additional security features or services; however, these will require a statement of work or service order and an additional fee will be assessed.

Client has the ability to request a copy of their service-hosted data that is currently being housed at MC Services, for their own data retention purposes. MC Services does basic, periodic backups of client data; however, MC Services is not responsible for data that may be incomplete or corrupt when processed into the backup. Any advanced data retention or backup policies requires a statement of work or a service order and will incur an additional fee.

Services that require third-party integration to function are only warrantied to the involvement that MC Services has with the service integration. Any and all performance or service interruption, derived by a third-party integration, is the responsibility of the client. Client may request assistance with remedying the third party integration; however, it is not warrantied, requires a statement of work or service order, and a fee will be incurred.

MC Services reserves the right to modify this policy, given 30 days written notice.